Design by committee?

Last week on our guild retreat, I planned to make a baby quilt top for a great-niece. Her mother (my niece) is the twin sister of the mother of the twins that I made quilts for a few months back. Are you confused???

Anyway, these were those quilts….

As I started thinking about a quilt for this new cousin, I wanted to make it in the same style but in little girl colors, and in this case, peach and green!!

And, instead of African animals, I planned to used Teddy Bears.

I started out by fusing the bears to the first panel and then adding strips as I moved up the quilt.

I was feeling that it was a bit top-heavy and several people began making suggestions as to how to fix the problem. I took a quick snap of the process…..

…and realized that we had managed to make it super heavy in the middle.

Instead of continuing to gnash over it, I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. After a few minutes in the great outdoors…..

….I started feeling better…..

When I got back, I took the part that I really liked (the bears and below) and replicated that at the top of the quilt. That way it was better balanced. Then I filled in with strips until I was happy with the way it looked……

I was looking forward to quilting this piece but waited on that until I got home again.

Come back tomorrow to see how the quilting worked!!

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