Preparing the rice…

When I wrote about Lunch at Zak’s house, I forgot to show you how the rice is prepared for cooking, so here goes…..

This is how the rice looks when it comes in from the field……

It is allowed to dry and then is processed so that it can be cooked and eaten.

In my world, this is all done for me and I buy my bag of Mahatma rice and pour it into the pot. Things are not as easy in Mozambique!!!.

The unhulled rice is put into a large mortar and pestle and then the work begins…

If the rice needs to be ground into flour, it is done using two rocks…..

…which produces a fine powder…..

I was interested to look at the tools that they use for this process. Both the mortar and the pestle have carvings on them…..

I guess this is a way to bring a little bit of creativity to their lives, much the same as my female ancestors using quilts to bring some color to theirs!!!

It was yet another eye-opening look into the lives of the villagers of the Marromeu Complex!!!

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