Bush Dinner….

We are finally nearing the end of our Mozambique trip posts, but I couldn’t stop without talking about our bush dinner!!

On our last Thursday in camp, most of the visitors were getting ready to leave in the next two days, including us on Saturday.

As we headed out for the afternoon, we asked Dylan where were going and he said that it was a surprise!!

We traveled into an area that we hadn’t visited previously and enjoyed the views as we drove around.

As we drove, I kept seeing glimpses of other trucks carrying other guests. This seemed strange to me because in all of our days in camp, we seldom ever saw any other groups when were out. The staff actually worked hard to keep us all separated!!!

Then Dylan turned one corner and we were met with a sweet, sweet sight. The camp workers had built a huge fire pit surrounded by comfortable chairs…..

….. and tables and tables of food and drink!!!

As we sat around talking and reminiscing about the past 10 days, the sun slowly started to sink in the West….

…turning a deeper shade of red as it went…..

Finally providing the perfect backdrop for some safari photos…..

This one is of Mary Cabela posing with many of the amazing folks who made our trip so special……

As the night became darker, we enjoyed watching the fire….

…and reveling in the people around us.

We started talking about how to use our phones to take great night-sky photos so many traipsed out into the bush behind the fire to try our skills…..

I wish that I could remember now exactly how I did this!!!

And of course, there were the various nature calls that took us into the dark forest areas behind the firepit.

The funny thing about this is that we all joked about the fact that there were lions roaming around and we laughed that they were out there watching us.

Well, as several of the groups were leaving, they ran across three male lions in the area….VERY close to where we had been. And, the next morning, when they went back to clean the area, there were lion tracks EVERYWHERE!!!

Apparently, the lions thought that we were a little too silly and, fortunately, they prefered their prey to be a bit more serious.

It was a sweet remembrance of an amazing trip…..

2 thoughts on “Bush Dinner….

    1. We really did have a great trip Elle!! Michale is returning one more time in December to finish up some interviews for the book but I am going to stay home and SEW!!!!

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