Best laid plans???

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I had planned to return from my quilt retreat week and then get stuck into my next project big time. I even got the fabric pulled and the studio ready to start!!

Well you know what they say about plans…..

…..they often don’t go quite the way that we wanted!!!

There was the baby quilt to finish and because I was having so much fun with machine quilting, I went ahead and quilted a charity quilt that had been on my “to-do” list for almost a year!!

I ended up spending a portion of the week cleaning out a flower bed that had become completely overgrown with Black-Eyed Susans……

The first few years I had thought….”oh look, it is filling in so nicely” but after 3 years of not having time to clean them out it turned into “NOOOO….they are taking over!!!”

But, it does look nice now……..

And, I even rescued a couple of gorgeous plants that were being overshadowed by the out-of-control growth!!

And, as another distraction, I had to spend 2.5 days working on a project for a client….sigh!! I hate it when work gets in the way of fun!!

But, on Thursday I was determined to not leave the studio until I had at least ONE piece of fabric in place for my Stork collage quilt!!

I had already drawn out the design and enlarged it to the size that I wanted, but when I put it on the wall, it looked too small (approximately 18×24) There wouldn’t be enough space to really work the fabrics to achieve the look that I was going for……

So I went back down to my computer and printed it out again….this time using a 4×4 printing format rather than 3×3. This looks much better……

And, you may be wondering about my makeshift design wall?

This is the first Collage quilt that I made since my studio was enlarged and I realized that the cutting table was TOO far away from the design wall and that I wouldn’t be efficient in my design work.

So, I pulled out the “portable” design wall that I built several years back and placed it on an easel, pulling it right up to the cutting table.

It makes things a bit crowded but it will be easier to work….

And, as you can see, I did get ONE piece of fabric in place…..

Here’s to a better collaging week to come!!!

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