She used MY pattern!!!….

Last week I posted about receiving blocks in the mail and today I want to tell you about a wonderful email that I received.

But first….the backstory…..

Back in January, I released my very first quilt pattern….. “Crumbs for the Geese”

I did not put it out for sale but rather, it would be a gift for anyone who signed up for my newsletter.

Now, this was the first time that I had ever written a pattern and I was a bit concerned that I hadn’t done a good job. I think that we all know THAT feeling!!

Over the past 10 months, a bunch of people had downloaded the pattern but, as far as I knew, no one had attempted the quilt.

BUT, last week I received an email from Charmaine with this photo attached…..

Didn’t she do a great job!!!

She told me that it will be donated to the Calgary Child Advocacy Center to give a young person some comfort. That makes it even better!!

As we corresponded further, she told me that she used scraps of fabric that were given to her from various sources and then used a specialty ruler to cut out the flying geese.

She also mentioned that she made the flying geese “wings” larger than needed and then used “Deb Tucker’s Wing-Clipper” ruler to trim the geese down accurately.

Like most of us quilters, she does love gadgets that help her be precise!!

Interestingly, later that same day, a friend wrote and asked if I had ever used any of the Deb Tucker rulers?

Well, that can’t be a coincidence!!

So, I have now ordered the Wing-Clipper and am looking forward to trying it soon. Stay tuned for a review of this tool.

Thank you Charmaine for your sweet encouragement!!!

If you are interested in receiving this pattern, you can sign up for my newsletter (in the top right-hand corner of this page).

6 thoughts on “She used MY pattern!!!….

  1. I love the wing clipper! I use it almost every time I need to make FG, whether using no-waste or cut triangles. And your pattern is on my list of quilts to be made!

  2. Does it almost feel like giving birth to see someone’s quilt from your pattern? You were part of the creation! (Maybe it’s more like being the father–he makes the essential contribution, but the mother is the one who does the “stitching together” part. . .)

  3. True that I collect a lot of free patterns, but it takes me forever to even start a quilt, let alone finish one, so don’t hold your breath to see mine come to life.

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