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The pesky S-curve ruler

At our local guild quilt show….way back in 2019……I had purchased two S-curve rulers from a company called Angel Oak Stitchery.

Thinking that I KNEW how to use them, I set out to quilt a border on my Angela Walters’ Ruler FMQ Challenge quilt. This is what happened…….

By the way, if you heard that horrible noise that my machine was making in the video…..it needed to be oiled. A few minutes of my time and a few drops of oil and it was purring away again!!!

But, back to the S-curve……

I was happy with how it looked in the border, and two of the corners lined up perfectly……

Alas, the other ones were not as good!!!

I realize that I need to start planning those corners better and thinking about them long before I actually get to them!!!!

I am happy that I can add this ruler to my repertoire of usable designs!!!

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