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Fabric and sun dont mix…

Back in March of 2020, I expanded my studio and moved all of my fabrics onto open shelves and LOVED being able to see everything at one time….

I was concerned about the damage that light would do so added curtain rods and sheer curtains over the front….

I liked that I could still see the fabrics thru the curtains but, as time went on, I started to worry about whether the thin fabric was providing any protection to the fabric.

Last week I decided that it was time to correct this problem……but HOW!!

I thought about adding heavier curtains but they would be hard to move out of the way when I wanted to get to the fabric.

I looked at “room-darkening” fabric that I could use to make the curtains, but again, it was stiff and pretty ugly.

Then, I was doing my weekly grocery shop at Walmart and happened to walk down the bathroom aisle. I was super excited to find this…..

….a lightweight, PRETTY shower curtain that would protect the fabric and look nice doing it!!

I also purchased shower curtain hooks and tried them out…..

….but they left too large of a gap at the top.

I solved this in two ways….firstly I moved the curtain rod up about 1.5 inches and secondly, I used 1-inch book-rings (sold in office supplies) to hang the curtains.

I made a few alterations to the curtains to make them the proper width and height, and then stepped back and enjoyed the view…..

Not a bit of that sun is reaching the fabric!!

AND…..they are light enough to hook over the rod ends when I want to see what is on the shelves….

I am superbly happy with this solution!!

I wonder if my studio is “finished” now??

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