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The Flying Geese are airborne…

Over the last two days, I have been walking thru the process of designing a quilt using leftover scraps. Here is the third….and final….. installment!!

As I continued thinking about the outside border, I remembered some other, smaller blocks that were in the stash…..

At some point, I had sewn them together to make Half-Square Triangle blocks.

And, if I put TWO of them together, I get another flying geese…..

….Sort of…..

So now I could use these pieced Flying Geese to finish the side border…..

….keeping the triangles with green outlines for the top and bottom.

The geese on the outside are a bit abstract and only a few of them actually show up as geese, but I think that it is working okay…..

So, let’s add one more border to tie it all together…..

I am pleased with the result and really had fun playing with the Flying Geese designs.

Oh no…..

There are still some leftovers!!!

I guess that they will become seeds for the next time Alice and I have a tea party “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

Now if I can just remember what I was working on before I found these scraps???

Does anyone remember????

6 thoughts on “The Flying Geese are airborne…

  1. Ha! I have a hard enough time remembering where I am when I emerge from my own rabbit holes! Got it! Alice is the enabler!

  2. Since I had to look back for yesterday’s and then the first day’s I discovered you were working on the stork!
    But I’m loving this piece and glad you got it to where you like it. I have some wild Tula Pink solids and an FQ of her Linework, and knew i wanted geese in it; hmm, this may work for me too!

    1. I have really fallen in love with flying geese and recently bought a tool that is making them even easier. Tula fabrics would be amazing!!! And, the stork is back on the work table this week!!!

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