Is this how you design a quilt??

As I posted yesterday, I have fallen down Alice’s Rabbit Hole and am having a wonderful tea party there!!

When I left you, I had four columns of fairly boring Flying Geese blocks. But where were these geese heading??

I first decided that they didn’t need to all fly North and South, and started playing with their placement…..

Okay, I like that idea. So let’s fill in the blanks and look at it again…..

Now it needs something on the sides…..wonder what I can do with all of those other bits that I had leftover…..

Yikes….that’s a bit much and WAY too hard to piece!!!

What if I did it this way…..

That looks great, but again, way too complicated, and I would have to make more black and white strip triangles… NO!!

Since I can’t make up my mind, let’s go ahead and finish the interior by adding some sashes and borders….

What happens if I add some green to the design…..

Looks good so let’s add some more green…….

I like the color addition but now it is looking muddy again!!

Okay, let’s take some of those apart….

….and try something else!!

Come back tomorrow for the ending of this “How NOT to design a quilt” saga!!

4 thoughts on “Is this how you design a quilt??

  1. The gold sashing really helps lighten up the middle. It is always fun to see another quilt maker’s process.

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