Down the rabbit hole

I don’t do this very often, but recently I ended up “down Alice’s rabbit hole”….so to speak.

It all started out so innocently…..

I was getting ready to start working on the Saddle-Bill Stork collage quilt and remembered a package of scraps from a workshop that I had taken several years ago. This was important because they were black and white scraps and had “Misty Fuse” already applied to them. They would be PERFECT for my Stork collage.

As I looked, I pulled out a large box labeled “Miscellaneous Fabrics and Blocks”, being fairly certain that the scraps were there. Well, the bag was NOT in this box, but there was a bag of black and white fabrics, with a few reds thrown in for good measure…..

….. leftovers from a charity raffle quilt that had been made many years ago…..

Eventhough these fabrics didn’t have Misty Fuse on them, I pulled them out and started admiring them….

Now, what could I make with these lovely fabrics????

And before I knew it, I was DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!!!

I decided that I wanted to turn the strip-pieced triangles into Flying Geese blocks and turned to the Accuquilt machine and the FG die that came with the machine…..

In a few short minutes, I was off and making flying geese blocks!!

Before long I had for strips of FG with spacers between them…..

But where are these geese flying to???

Come back tomorrow for more!!

3 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole

  1. Serendipity….love the color combo and the intensity of the colors…can’t wait to see your finish!

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