Fancy Stitching at IQF

As you would expect, there was some AMAZING quilting at the International Quilt Festival!!

In many cases, the stitching was used to alter the fabric color and this quilt was made with only the orange background and thread…..

“African Sunset” by Claire Wallace

Look at the individual parts of the quilt…..

The same thing was present in this fun quilt……

“And… (dot dot dot)” by Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison

All of that white lace is white thread……

Much of the above was done as threadwork before quilting, but the quality of the quilting was CRAZY as well!!!

Look at how the quilting changes the look of each of these blocks that were part of a Double Wedding Ring quilt by Ben Darby…..

Every year there is a quilt by Mikyung Jang. She certainly understands what stitching can do…..

“Songkwangsa Temple” by Mikyung Jang

Just look at this detail…..

In many cases, the quilting was used to alter the background of a quilt…..

“Reborn” by Molly Hamilton-McNally

If nothing else, I learned that I REALLY need to “up my game” where my quilting is concerned!!!!

Come back tomorrow to see lots of landscape and collage quilts!!

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