Ruler Quilting…I kind of like it!!

I have been slowly working thru Angela Walter’s Ruler Quilting challenge and have enjoyed several of the new designs that I have learned.

Let me share a few…..

My clamshell ruler worked well……

And, yes….the 4th row up was supposed to echo the previous one….

Crosshatching was very easy to do simply using a straight ruler…..

I used a “Continuous Heart” border ruler…..

This stitching is super easy to do, but I still have a hard time seeing it as a heart and not simply as a loopy border. Can you see the hearts??

Finally, I used Angela Walter’s “Sid” ruler…..

….to scatter some star/snowflakes in one area…..

It looks fine, but am not sure that it was worth the effort!!

As I am finishing the challenge, I will post one more blog about the things that I learned from this challenge and, believe me, there was a LOT!!!

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