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Sweet Blueberry Inspirations

Last week I caught up with the Monthly Color challenge by getting tangy with a grapefruit, and now I am ready to get a jump on the November challenge from Patterns by Jen.

The fruit for the month are BLUEBERRIES……one of my favorites!!

To start out with, I had a blast photographing the little guys…..

….and munching a few between shots!!!

It was also fun to cut them open and see the delicate insides…..

When I started looking for fabrics, this one JUMPED right off the shelf…..

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

So, the pieces were cut…..

…and the sewing began.

But as I ironed the first set, I realized that the white thread that I was using was showing!! WHY hadn’t I switched to grey!!!

The thread change was made and the block was quickly completed…..

I have tried to do some special photography on each block and this one was fun…..

Here is where we are so far……

I wonder what December will bring??

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