Sadie’s background iteration #4

If you have been following along, I have now made THREE attempts to find a good background for “Sadie, the Saddle-Billed Stork”.

Yesterday I told you about painting a background with Tulip Fabric Paints but that it still wasn’t quite right!!

Now I ordered better fabric paints…this time using Plebeo “Setacolor” brand.

I traced my outlines onto the fabric using a GREEN Inktense pencil this time.

I learned my lesson about using BLACK… is too apparent!!

I started mixing paints and began the painting process using small strokes on wet fabric….

As I continued, I became happier and happier with the results…..

….and quickly finished the background…..

Once it had dried, I added Sadie….


As I looked further at it and compared it to the original photo…..

….I realized that the center section needs some more work so Iteration #5 will include changing the color and adding some shadows.

But, I haven’t done that yet so you will need to wait a few days for that post!!

I know that you are all DESPERATE to see the finished product so please be sure to subscribe so that you will know when the culmination posts!!!

3 thoughts on “Sadie’s background iteration #4

  1. I love to see the process in steps. Thank you for your post and your imagination and perseverance. Can’t wait for #5, Do you think you could to up to 10? 🙂

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