Are your rulers shrinking??

Did you know that your acrylic cutting rulers can get smaller over time??

As you make more and more cuts against the edge of a ruler, you eventually shave thin layers of acrylic, making the ruler less accurate as you cut further.

I make it a rule (no pun intended) to replace my two main rulers (24-inch and 6.5-inch square) every three or four years….

Hopefully, this helps my cutting to be more accurate, making my piecing more accurate as well….at least that is the way it is supposed to work!!

As you can see, I love using rulers from “Quilter’s Rule”.

What is your favorite ruler??

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4 thoughts on “Are your rulers shrinking??

  1. Why can’t I find a 36”x6.5” ruler? I have one now and it is cracked. Even my cutting Matt is 36”. Both need to be replaced and can’t find.

    1. Hey Jill. I have only seen 24” rulers and I would encourage you to try one of those. When you fold your fabric in half, it is the perfect size to cut strips. I would have trouble keeping a 36” ruler steady as I cut down the line!! Please let me know what you decide and if I can be any help!!

  2. I notice that the corners get shredded on my rulers. Finally did start replacing some. I thought I’d like the Creative Grids because they stay in place, but there are too many markings on mine (6.5) and I’ve made some wrong cuts. Maybe with experience I’ll do better.

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