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New fabric fun!!!

I have recently become friends with Sarah Watson (@hisarahwatson), a licensed artist and designer. She recently produced a new fabric line through Cloud 9 Fabrics, and she asked me to design a quilt highlighting her fabrics!!

I was SO… SO… SO… excited when the package arrived in the mail and I was able to see the fabrics that I would be working with…..

The fabric line has the title “INTO THE WOODS” and is SO much fun. Just look at these selvages….

…and the individual fabrics have wonderful names…..Forest Floor, Snail Trails, Look Close, Turkey Tail, Quite a Collection and You’ve Earned It!!

The fabric is an organic cotton and feels amazing. I really noticed the difference in quality when I was ironing it. It was like ironing butter!!

I am SO excited about playing with these but am also a little nervous about trying to design a quilt from them.

As I say so many times…..

8 thoughts on “New fabric fun!!!

  1. Turkey tail reminds me of when hubby was rock hounding and how some… might have been serpentine… rocks looked when cut.

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