Yesterday I posted about being asked to design a quilt using the “Into The Woods” fabric line by Sarah Watson (@hisarahwatson) and Cloud 9 Fabrics…..

As I studied this collection, I realized that I was going to need some solids to add to the mix. Normally, I would have just pulled some from my stash but I remembered that, if this was a pattern for sale, I needed to use current fabrics that could be purchased by the quiltmakers.


And, when I say FABRIC store, this is what I mean…..

Are you drooling yet???

There is even fabric on the ceiling….

But on this day, I walked past all of the amazing prints and headed to the back corner where the Moda solids were housed…..

These were the fabrics that I had in my mind to purchase, BUT, when I started looking at them, I felt that the solid didn’t work well with the “Into the Woods” prints.

So, I moved over one shelf and found these…..

…..Toscana Collection from Northcott fabrics.

The mottled nature of these fabrics fit PERFECTLY with the prints!!

I came home with 11 cuts….

…that pair up beautifully with the focus fabrics…..

Now it is time to PLAY!!

10 thoughts on “My FAVORITE store

  1. Where is this store!? It looks amazing. Love the fabrics you selected, Toscana is an amazing collection to use as blenders.

    1. Thanks Lina. I am waiting for the designer to approve a couple of ideas that I have had and then I get to start cutting into that luscious fabric!! the store is just outside of Atlanta, Georgia!! Are you in this area??

  2. I know a store that is very similar to that! Bolts piled up in the isles so one cannot see what is hiding behind them! I have teased her that they need to make sure the basement ceiling is well supported! That is a beautiful blender group you found to go with the fabrics you were sent.

    1. It is fun to visit the store (actually there are two side by side), but it can really get overwhelming!! The only way that I survive is by having projects that I am buying for and trying to avoid everything else!!

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