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Tradewinds – Part 1

I recently came across a YouTube channel called “Jordan Fabrics”. In most of the videos, they show the making of one quilt….from start to finish. On this particular show, she was demonstrating the making of “Tradewinds” from Cozy Quilt Designs

I ordered the pattern directly from the company and they were a joy to deal with. Within a short period of time, the pattern was in my hands and ready to use!!

The pattern included 5 different quilt sizes and I found it hard to stay on track with which number to use so I finally marked each appropriate number with an arrow…..

I was planning to use the Jelly Roll that I had purchased at Houston…..

…and was super excited about the colors. However, I did notice that the darker colors didn’t show up well on the background fabric and I didn’t want that to negatively affect the pattern.

As I studied the block further, I realized that the middle strip of the 3-strip section had the least interaction with the background…..

…so as I set up my strip sets, I made sure that one of the dark fabrics was in the center…..

Before I started piecing, I laid out my piecing threads and picked the best color….

….settling on the darker grey!!

Now it was time to do some mindless sewing as I put the strip sets together. This was made easier using my new seam guide which I will review in the next couple of weeks.

Come back tomorrow for the sub-cutting…..

One thought on “Tradewinds – Part 1

  1. a cool looking pattern. I’m anxious to see how it turns out with your strips. It should be striking with your background. Also looking forward to learn about your seam guide.

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