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But there are SO many lines….

Do you ever find it confusing when you are looking for the correct line on a rotary ruler?

And, some of the rulers have SO MANY lines!!

In the past, I have used a water-soluble marker to remind myself where to cut but I worry about getting the marker on my project.

Instead, I have now started using painter’s masking tape.

It is easy to position, it comes off without leaving a residue and you can’t miss that bright blue color!!!

If I am cutting a 4-inch square, I might place the tape directly on the measuring line…..

….or just behind the line if I am cutting a 1/8th inch increment (3-5/8 in this photo)…..

I still have to do some adjusting to make sure that the ruler is properly lined up but at least I know the general area that I am headed for!!

What tricks do you employ to make your cutting easier???

One thought on “But there are SO many lines….

  1. If you have trouble finding the right lines on the ruler there is a product called Glow Line Tape that you can put on the rules to highlight the line you need. The pack comes in 3 colors together. It will not stick to fabrics. (I tried)

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