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Tomorrow I am doing a talk for my guild …..”Climbing the Creative Family Tree”. The premise is that my joy of creativity came straight from my Mom, who got it from her Mom, who got it from her Mom….

What did you get from your Mom and what have you passed on??

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  1. I think I got my love of reading and my love of music from my mom. It was the way we related from the time I was a little girl. She read to me until I could read on my own (by kindergarten). She played records and the radio and would tango with me whenever “Hernando’s Hideaway” came on.

  2. My mom taught me to sew and then much later in life she learned to quilt and eventually I picked it up seriously. Also, she was a childrens’ librarian so books were always important in our house. I still pick up books from the library all the time!

  3. When I was quite small Mother was asked to become the church accompanist. She could only play piano at the time. She took classes on playing the organ, learned to play Bethoven, Bach, List, etc. From her I learned to appreciate the Old Masters of music. not just the popular songs of the day. She practiced at home on both piano and the electric organ that Daddy bought her. Then the day before church I often accompanied her to the church so she could practice on the actual instrument she would be using the next day. I learned persistence and practice makes one better at the skill one wishes to perform at. The last couple of years I have taken a break from quilt making as I needed hip surgery, finally got the surgery and now healed. i have been happily cutting strips of selections of my fabrics so that they are ready for whatever I will be making. My plastic bins are getting full!

    1. Your Mom sounds like an amazing woman if she taught you to appreciate hard work and persistence!!! I am excited that you are getting into your quilting again and cant wait to see what you make!!! A funny story about church accompaniment……I played for my church for many years and would always get in a bit of last-minute practice on Sunday mornings. I always figured that my kids were putting the pillows over their heads and wondering if I would EVER stop!! BUT, a few years ago, my daughter told me that one of her fondest memories was listening to me practice….who knew???

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