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Ending with Olives

I recently finished the 2021 Monthly Color challenge from Patterns By Jen. The last block was based on one of my UN-favorites…..olives!!

My best memory of olives was seeing trees in the Duoro Valley of Portugal….

I sure wish that they tasted as good as they look!!!

I bought a bottle….

…and spent a little time examining the inspiration…..

It was fun to look thru my fabric and pick the perfect colors…..

I thought that the print was reminiscent of the pimentos stuffed in each olive.

Cutting was easy (just 4 squares)…so easy that I failed to take a photo before I started sewing…..

In a matter of minutes, I had the 1/4-square triangles made….

And three seams later, the block was finished….

Each month we are supposed to share our favorite recipe using the food, but that is impossible for me to do. However, Michael does enjoy a martini, so here it is…..

This has been a fun challenge and I have learned or perfected a number of techniques during the year.

Now I can’t wait for the 2022 Spice Challenge to start…..

Why don’t you join me??

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4 thoughts on “Ending with Olives

  1. I too have found no love for olives. The spice colors look fun, but I never like deadlines, and am a slow to sew person, with tons of UFOS so will not be joining, but rather enjoying the ride along with you, vicariously.

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