2022 Monthly Color Challenge

As I posted recently, I greatly enjoyed participating in the Monthly Color Challenge from “Patterns by Jen“.

Last year was all about fruits and vegetables. This year we are continuing in the kitchen theme with the 2022 Spice Challenge…..

This year, Jen provided details for making all of the blocks with the same background. Since I am planning to alternate` both sets of blocks into one quilt, I decided to use the background option.

It took a while to cut all of the background pieces…..

….but they are all bagged up and ready to go now.

The spice for January is ORANGE!!!

Now, I normally wouldn’t call it a spice, but it IS used to add flavor…..

Since the background pieces were already cut, it took no time at all to cut the 3 orange fabric pieces….

Isn’t that orange fabric the PERFECT color!!!!

I quickly sewed the two seams for the “snowball” blocks…..

….and a few more minutes to sew the seams for the half-square triangles….

A quick layout…..

….a few more seams and the first block for the year was finished!!!!

Jen suggested that we show other quilts in the monthly color and I decided to share one that was given to me a number of years ago…..

Mary Ellen used various threads and decorative stitches to create this beauty and I was honored when she gave it to me!!! It is a favorite!!

I think that this a GREAT start to a new challenge!!!

4 thoughts on “2022 Monthly Color Challenge

  1. Yes, your orange is perfect! I wonder how many will show Halloween themed quilts? That’s the only place I really have much orange!

  2. Love your spool block! I have very little orange colored fabrics but the other day, for my birthday I purchased some burnt orange colored solid that will go into at least 4 quilts. I’m looking forward to getting those aged quilt tops finished!

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