Feather Meander

Last Friday, I posted about my first exploration into the Fabulous Feather challenge from Angela Walters.

Overall, I was pleased with my first foray into feathers.

The second lesson was the feather meander. Since it had the word “meander” in it, I assumed that it would be easy…..


I started out with confidence and the first couple of rounds were great. Then the rot set in and I simply couldn’t figure out which direction I needed to head to make the feather….

Apparently, if you turn the wrong direction, you get stuck!!!

I pulled out the whiteboard and went thru it step-by-step…..

Okay….maybe I see what I was doing wrong!!!

Things started looking better…..

…but every once in a while, I had a moment. I am not sure exactly what happened in this corner…..

Angela always says that your eye will be drawn to a gap more than it will to a mistake and her observation was proved when I looked at the final piece…..

That looks pretty good….even I do say so myself!!

Have you had observations like this before???

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5 thoughts on “Feather Meander

  1. I do a lot of zentangle. Almost always, early on I’ll make a boo boo, which looks really obvious. But I continue on and fill in my design, and when I’m done, I almost always don’t notice my mistake anymore. So yes, similar observation. Thank you for describing what happened. Now I’m a little less hesitant to try my hand at FMQ.

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