Stash Smash update….

I haven’t posted in a while about my International Block Swap that has been going for this past year.

It is being run thru “Make Modern Magazine“, which is published out of Australia. It is an online magazine and I have loved seeing the designs and patterns from all over the world.

My swap group is definitely international as we have 4 Aussies, 1 New Zealander, and me!! It has been great fun getting to know these ladies and even more fun exchanging the blocks!!

I have now received almost all of the blocks that I requested and I love how the quilt looks….

It will be a lot of fun to finish up once I receive the last set of blocks and then add my own to it!!

One of the sweet things that happened was that one of our members suffered some sadness in her life and had fallen behind with her blocks. Another of the members picked up the ball and sent extra blocks to cover the missed ones. It is just another example of quilter’s taking care of each other!!

We are supposed to send the blocks every month as they are finished but the US postal service is not shipping to Australia.

So, I have held onto the last three sets of blocks and am about to UPS them to one of the members and she has graciously offered to send them on. Hopefully today they will be winging their way to Aus….

I can’t wait to see what their quilts look like!!

There is one more set to do this month and then send off to New Zealand!!

8 thoughts on “Stash Smash update….

  1. I looked it up and they say there are no ships and COVID-19 as the reasons. This started last October and we never heard about it? Your blocks are lovely, by the way.

  2. The blocks received and sent are looking great. Such a great slection of block designs. Yes, the end results will be wonderful to see..
    Wonder when mail will start being sent to Aus again?

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