Feathering my nest

As I posted last week, I am slowly working my way thru Angela Walters’ Feather FMQ challenge.

This week we moved on to Feather Motifs, filling in the elongated triangles on each corner of the center panel.

Angela suggested that we start by finding the center of the triangle….

….and drawing in a figure-8 design…..

…..and then draw in the feathers going in both directions…..

After it was quilted and the blue lines sprayed out……

My first thought was….it’s okay but I can do better!!! And I did…..

Then it was time to do a “half-feather” motif. She had us draw the design first……

….and then quilt it…..

I actually found it hard to follow along the lines that I had drawn so did the second one freehand…..

The first half looked okay, so let’s finish it…..

This is where the quilt stands now…..

I am not super excited about how these four corners look but I am still learning and think that I could do these again and do them better!!

More to come……

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