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Critique Time

Last week I posted about the last-second finish of the “Wellspring” quilt…..

Now that I have had some time after finishing the project, I wanted to do a critique of it.

First of all, I am SUPER excited about how it turned out so please don’t hear this critique to be a criticism of me or my work.

I am doing this to hopefully get better…..to improve for the next quilt!!

Here are my thoughts….

I LOVE the colors!! It was a good idea to use a color palette to help me pick!! I also think that I could do it in red, white, blue and gold and it would make a magnificent Quilt-of-Valor!!

I like the “whirlwind” block and think that it makes a great base for the quilt

I am not sure about the smaller pinwheel blocks….

Would it have been better if I had left off the outside rose triangles? That would have opened the alternating blocks up more and given more background……

…or maybe change the background inside the pinwheel to open it up even further (right one).

OR…..what if I set the small pinwheels on point….


The bottom line is that there are some other options that I want to pursue.

Personally, I like the two versions where the pinwheel is on point.

What do you think…..Original or #1,2,3 or 4????

10 thoughts on “Critique Time

  1. I like #3. The colors seem more vivid and the pinwheel on point has more energy/movement. How fun to see the options

  2. I like #1 but think your idea of changing up colors would make it pop. do you have a design app that you can change color without doing a block? I have seen some that that can do an instant color change. great job. would like to see quilt of valor colors.

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