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Woodland Walk

Back in December, I posted about the “Into the Woods” fabric collection…..

….created by Sarah Watson and produced by Cloud9 Fabrics.

I spent a lot of time thinking about patterns and ideas and played for a long time on Electric Quilt. Here are a few of the designs that I considered…..

Sarah and I decided that we liked the third one best, but when I started laying it out…..

…..I realized that adding the dark cross in the corner made the design too heavy.

I changed it to simple triangles……

….and really liked the arrows that appeared!!! They seem to work well with the “Woodland Walk” theme…..

I had a wonderful time making the quilt top….

….and kept the quilting simple with only straight lines.

And now, I present…….

“Woodland Walk”

It is a great quilt to highlight these amazing fabrics, but it would also be fun to make using flower fabrics (“Garden Walk”) or maybe ocean fabrics (“Beach Walk”).

You get the idea!!!!

The pattern for this quilt is now available for purchase. Check out the details on my “Patterns for Sale” page.

Sarah’s fabric can be found in local quilt shops or online……


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