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Perfection will win every time!!

It is time for…..

Do you like winning ribbons??

That is a silly question….of COURSE you do!!!

Our guild started having quilt shows back in 1993 and has continued to have one every two years (with the exception of the COVID year)!!

Initially our shows were not judged, but after a few years, we decided that it would be good to have a certified judge comment on our quilts, knowing that the comments could help us to get better!!

For the next two shows, I watched as people won ribbon after ribbon after ribbon. And, let’s be honest, I coveted a ribbon….especially a blue one!!!

So, in 2000, I set out to make a ribbon worthy quilt!!! Yep….there was no other purpose for the quilt except win a ribbon!!

The quilt was a bowtie design with lots of cute calico prints….YIKES!!

The centers of each “circle” were quilted with daisy-type flowers and the free-motion quilting was done with a monofilament thread….

I entered the quilt and anxiously awaited the results!!

And, guess what…..it won a BLUE RIBBON!!!

The judge’s comment was amazing….. “Perfection will win every time”.

Now, I think that she exagerrated a LOT when she called it perfect, but her comment did so much for my confidence and propeled me along in my quilting journey.

And, for even more of a throwback, here I am standing happily with my quilt….

Sadly, I still have that jacket!!!!

7 thoughts on “Perfection will win every time!!

  1. What a great story. Look where that blue ribbon has gotten you today. Confidence while creating is so important.

  2. I love this ! As I’m making quilts I’m continually critiquing my work. Friends say not to be so hard on myself. I try to explain that it’s my way of improving on what I love to do. If we don’t self evaluate how will we achieve ? Thanks for sharing !

    1. Thanks Barbara. I actually enjoy critiquing what I do because I do think that it helps me get better. I have friends that can’t take the critique because it makes them think that they aren’t good enough. I think that it depends a lot on your personality!!

      1. I sometimes share a story about my first quilt I brought to a long armer. My borders were wavy , the quilt out of square and she included border instructions when the quilt was done. My initial reaction was exactly like you describe. For about 5 minutes: until I realized it was a learning moment. I now do my own long arming and when I piece a quilt my borders are near perfect! Teaching moments are important !

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