The numbers don’t lie

The other day while I was at the gym…..tell me if you have heard this one!!! HAHA……

Seriously, while I was on the treadmill, I was watching a Youtube video from “OnPoint-TV” as she presented the formulas for calculating the setting triangles for a quilt set on point. Interestingly, I found that I needed those exact calculations less than 24 hours after watching the show!!

So, in case you might need them…..

For the top and side setting triangles…..

Start with the FINISHED size of the block….multiply by 1.414…..add 1.25…….round up to the nearest 1/4 inch.

For my quilt, the calculations looked like this…..

That square is cut across both corners, making 4 setting triangles…..

Calculating the corner triangles…..

The calculation of the corner triangles has one additional step……

Start with the FINISHED size of the block…..multiply by 1.414……divide that number by 2…..add .875…..round up to the nearest 1/4 inch……

This block is then cut diagonally to provide two corner triangles…..

In the past I have figured out the size of these triangles by trial and error. It was freeing to be able to do the math and not have to guess!!

Woodpile Inspirations…..

Before I get to the inspiration, I have made a decision to GIVE AWAY the “Crumbs for the Geese” pattern to anyone who subscribes to my mailing list. You can do that on the right column of this post or by clicking HERE.

NOW……onto the design……

Back in December, I shared a photo of a Cord of Wood and the quilt design that had spring from that photo…..

Then earlier this month, I described an amazing set of hand-dyed fabrics that I bought.

Now it was time to merge these two!!

As I was ironing all of the hand-dyed fabrics, I kept thinking about this pattern and decided that it might be gorgeous to do in blues with touches of yellow!!

I started out by cutting a LOT of 1.5-inch strips…..

Have you ever used a barbell to keep your ruler from sliding?? Try it some time….it really works and you get some exercise at the same time!!

Next I did a lot of sewing, sub-cutting and re-sewing to get it to this stage…..

WOW… I REALLY like those colors!!

Next was making the accent blocks, using paper piecing…..

….and then laying the whole thing out……

I tried flipping some of the triangle sets around……

But all I could see here were Gator mouths!!

I added an orange-ish border…..the only fabric that is not hand-dyed……

…..and voila….this idea has moved from paper to fabric!!!

I am contemplating what type of quilting to add and can’t wait to see it finished.

I am also debating about turning this into a pattern but haven’t made that decision for sure. What do you think… this pattern worthy???

Winter Blues

Let’s get this new year started out with the quilt that moved me into my “monthly quilt series”.

When I first started quilting, I really needed a REASON to make a quilt….not like now when I will make one simply because I want to!!!

Our house didn’t have lots of wall space so hanging a bunch of wall hangings just wasn’t in the plans. So, I got to thinking about having one area (in the entryway) where I could hang a different quilt every month. You see what I did there…..I could make TWELVE quilts and still have a purpose for them!!!

And, to make it even more special, I wanted a surface underneath that I could decorate to match the quilt!! A friend of ours was a woodworker and he built this pie safe to match my specifications (mainly that it be tall enough that I could hang a 30-36 inch quilt above it)…..

But back to the quilt!!

One day I was drooling in my local quilt shop and saw this wonderful fabric….

I immediately thought of the term “Winter Blues” and the quilt seed was planted!! If I remember, the pattern came from one of the Trudie Hughes books about template free quilts (my introduction to rotary cutting).

I loved the way it looked……

The quilt was 34 inches square and I made it it 1994….over TWENTY FIVE years ago.

As my kids went thru school, I often did talks to classes about the art of quilting and this quilt was the one that I used to start my presentation. I would start by showing the various shapes of fabrics…..

…..and then show how these shapes were used to form the different blocks…..

I was younger back then!!!

…..and then I could show them a quilt that contained a four-patch…..

….flying geese…..

…..puss in the corner…..

….and square in a square……

The quilt is proudly displayed every January…..

….and makes a great start to the new year!!!

It’s a mystery… clue!!

When I finished the October step in the Morewood Mystery I couldn’t wait for the November clue to come out. BUT, when it did, life was simply too busy to get it done! I did find time before the end of November, but just barely!!

Fortunately the steps were fairly easy and didn’t take too long.

First was to used some of our half-square triangles and the Irish-chain units to make this tulip-looking block….

They look pretty good all laid out although I have no idea what orientation they will be in the final project……

Some of my yellows lack a bit of contrast but I am hoping that those lighter colors will be attached to darker colors to help with the contrast.

The next step was to make a series of Half-Square-Triangle units. Thankfully I remembered the instructions about ironing these units prior to cutting them …..

Finished and pressed flat!!

Here are my November batch of HST’s……

I am super happy with these, especially with the sparkle that they provide!!

On to the December clue…..

Fast and Furious

Michael, my husband, has been out of the country for the past two weeks and I have used that time to get my life organized….particularly the quilting/blogging/business portion!!! I am enjoying blogging a lot more and trying to turn it into more of a business, but it takes time….lots and lots of time!!!

The other night, I was TIRED of sitting at my computer, WRITING AND THINKING about quilting and decided that it was time to do some sewing.

I turned to a kit that my guild’s charity group had provided and was pleased to open it up and see the fabrics already cut and ready to go…..

The kit even had detailed instructions about how to complete the top…..

The first step was to sew 12 W-O-F strips to 12 other W-O-F strips!! I put on my 1/4 inch foot that provides a ledge to butt up against……

…set the speed to “SUPER RABBIT”……

….and off I flew!!

After doing a bit of ironing, sewing, sub-cutting, sewing, and even more ironing, I was pleased to have this wonderful quilt top ready to go…….

I spent 2 hours from go to whoa on it and, not only did it make something that can be given away to help those in need, it gave me the welcome relief of getting to touch fabric and actually create something!!

Many thanks to our guild charity group as they do much of the “dirty” work so that I can have fun with the fabric part!!!

What do you work on when you JUST WANNA SEW?