Go For It Girl!!

Two years ago, my friend Cleo passed away. This is the post that I wrote upon hearing of her death….

A mutual friend has been given the task of cleaning out her studio, and on Monday night she presented me with this……

Back in 2011, my friend Deb and I had co-chaired our local quilt show and we made these small wallhangings to thank all of the chairmen who had worked with us. Follow THIS LINK to see the rest of the quilts.

This was the quilt that I had made for Cleo!!

I had so much fun playing with 3-dimensional flowers and a few beads as well…..

And, the little pin at the bottom right…..

….was from a future show where I made pins to thank my chairmen.

This quilt means so much to me!!!

Today, I hung it up in my studio and, as I wrote to my friend Deb, “it will be as if Cleo is right there looking over my shoulder!!”

Deb wrote back and said…. “If you’re imagining Cleo looking over your shoulder, imagine her saying “GO FOR IT!!”

Don’t we all need someone telling us to …

I hope your day is full of go…go…..go!

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