Final Feather Flutterings

Last week I posted about quilting feathers to turn corners on the “Fabulous Feathers Free Motion Quilting Challenge” from Angela Walters.

Today I have two more corners to go……SO EXCITED!!!

This first one is supposed to look like the feather runs off of the corner and then back onto the quilt again.

We started by drawing a few guidelines…..

….and then adding the spine with it leaving the quilt at the guideline corners….

It was fairly easy to quilt and the effect is nice…..

One thing that I love about Angela’s challenges is that she always encourages you to try your own ideas so that is what I did for the fourth and final corner.

When we quilted motifs a few weeks ago, I really struggled with them….

….so I decided to give them another try.

I started at the corner and quilted a “figure-8” type design and then built the feather out from there….

I then returned to the same point and “feathered” my way to the other side…..

I actually think that this is my favorite of the corner designs. It seems to fit the corner better and complete the quilt.

I was ready to bind it and, magically, found this roll of binding that I made for some unknown project many years ago…..

Don’t you love when that happens!!!

The colors work well and now the challenge is finished!!!

Come back tomorrow for the final reveal, including an up-close-and-personal video tour!!

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