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Baskets for Pat!!

Back in the early 1990’s, my Sister-In-Law commissioned me to make a quilt. I was excited about doing it, with thoughts of fun pieced quilts going thru my head.

When I pushed her as to what she wanted in a quilt, she said “Well, I love baskets”!!!

My heart sank. I was NOT a fan of basket quilts and couldn’t imagine making a Queen-sized one!!

But, if she wanted baskets, I was determined to make a set of baskets with each one being different!!

Even now, 30 years later, I can remember finding one border print fabric and deciding that I was going to base the quilt around it!!

I decided to make a medallion-style quilt and started with the center block……

…featuring a pieced basket and applique flowers.

I search high and low for basket patterns and made each one in a different style.

I was excited about the finished quilt…..

…but before I presented it to her, I entered it into our guild quilt show….the first one that we had ever held!!

Since we were just getting started, the guild decided not to award ribbons but to have guild members select their favorite quilt.

And guess what…..


Instead of a ribbon, I was presented with a wonderful collection of quilting supplies….a much-needed gift since we had little money to purchase these things!!

I guess that the moral of this story is…..

……..you might be surprised!!!

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