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On your mark…..get set…..

For the last month, I have been talking about my upcoming series…..

Twelve Ways to Quilt a Sawtooth Star

Remember that you can download the FREE pattern for the Sawtooth Star Quilt HERE

BUT….what if you want to participate in the challenge, but you don’t have time to whip up the quilt top?


There are lots of other ways that you can join in……

  • Each week I will provide a pdf of a Sawtooth Star block. You can print it out and draw your designs rather than quilt them.
  • You can trace the design onto fabric and quilt it that way. It is a simple block to draw out….only a few straight lines. If you don’t want to “waste” good fabric, you can use a cheap cotton blend fabric or even sheets that you buy at a thrift store. If you find a cheap blanket there, use it for the batting!! Remember, the point is to learn and try NEW designs…..not to create a piece of art!!
  • If you have a drawing program on your I-pad (such as Procreate), I will provide a jpg of the pattern and you can draw along.
  • As a worst case scenario, you can save the video links so that you can do this exercise on your own time!!!

As you can see, there is NO reason not to play along……remember……

We start next Friday, April 1st!!!!

Please email me if you have any questions!!

6 thoughts on “On your mark…..get set…..

  1. looking forward to this. I almost have the blocks done but need to do sashing and order.

    1. Absolutely Rose. My goal is not for you to do everything that I do but to apply the principles to whatever you are quilting on. I hope that you will join me!!!

  2. Frances, I am enjoying your site! I would like to know how often you will post the patterns for the 12 Ways …Challenge?

    1. Hi Diane. I am going to post a new one every Friday. The videos will be on YouTube so you can easily come back to them later if you get behind. I hope you will join me!!!

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