Maybe I can create!!!

I was giving a talk one time and said “cast your mind back to 1975” and then looked around the room and realized that no one in that room was born in the 1970’s!!! But that is how this post needs to start…..

When I was in 3rd grade (in the 1960s)…..

….I had a teacher named Mrs. Brooke. I remember several things about her… the heeled pumps that she taught in every day, the way she stood with one hip jutted out, and the TALL, TALL beehive hairdo that she sported.

But my biggest memory is when she looked at a drawing that I had done and pointedly told me that “if that was the best I could do, then I would NEVER be an artist”!! Needless to say, that comment stung!!

Now, fast forward to 1979…..I was a Senior at Texas Tech University and needed ONE elective class to graduate. I decided to do a “Survey of Drawing” class….just to prove to myself that I COULD draw !! Because I wasn’t sure of that fact, I took it Pass/Fail. Surely I could at least PASS the class!!

The teacher was wonderful. He helped me to learn perspective and shading and then presented lots of different forms of artistic creation. We dabbled in pencil, ink, pointillism, and more.

For our final project, we had to take a household object and first draw it and then turn it into a 3-dimensional piece of art.

I chose a pot of ivy that had been a cutting from my M-I-L’s massive planter. I still have some of it growing in my home…..

I remember being pleased with the drawing but really struggled with how to make it 3-D. Then I thought about fabric!!

I had done very little sewing in my life but my Mom made sure that I had a sewing machine and I decided to make leaves with wire in them so that I could bend them out.

This is the only photo that I have of the project and it doesn’t really show the 3-D part, but I remember being SUPER proud that I had made something that came from my mind and not from a pattern.

In today’s world, this is nothing fancy, but for me, it represented the first step in a life filled with creativity!!

So….take that Mrs. Brooke!!

2 thoughts on “Maybe I can create!!!

  1. Frances, I had the same experience with my third grade teacher. I was so hurt at her comment about my drawing and painting. I carry that with me for many years. Then Hollis Chatelain taught me to draw. I struggled but worked hard with all the art concepts. All my landscape quilts I won ribbons in the last few years means Ms. Hickman was very wrong. I was creative and she just didnt know it.

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