What the heck are Nigella seeds?

As you know, I have been participating in the 2022 Monthly Color Challenge from Patterns By Jen.

This year, the challenge focuses on Spices and this month’s Spicy entry was “Nigella seeds”. But what exactly are Nigella seeds? I turned to a 2016 post from Food Republic for the answer…..

“Nigella seeds are probably one of the most confused spices. Over the years I’ve heard nigella referred to as onion seeds, black cumin, black caraway and fennel flower, among others. Let’s just simply call them nigella or kalonji (from Hindi). However you choose to name this spice, what it lacks in aroma — it has just a hint of a savory scent — it makes up for in taste. Nigella seeds have an oregano-like quality with herbaceous notes, a slight bitterness and a warm, toasted-onion flavor. I like to add them whole to salads, sauces and even soups at the last minute just before serving. They are a great replacement for sesame seeds without the sweet element.”

Jen had designed her block to have a light background…..

….but since I have planned for my blocks to have a dark background, I ended up making it in the opposite colors…..

It was a simple block to make although there were a number of pieces to cut…..

….and Half-Square Triangles to sew…..

….and, of course, a little bit of ripping to do…..

Once laid out…..

…it was a quick process to finish the block…..

And then came the fun of photographing the block, pulling out a forgotten box of beads…..

I even found a favorite pair of earrings that had been put in the box to be fixed…..

….and they even match the block color theme!!!

I would say that a new block and “new” earrings make for a good quilting session!!

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