Retreat Roundup

And just like that, it was over!!!

That is often how I feel about quilting retreats. I anxiously wait for the day to arrive, I sew madly while I am there and then… is time to go home!!

These past 5 days were the perfect example of a great retreat.

We have a wonderful room to work in with lots of light and space to spread out…..

The food, while not always healthy, is amazing…..

I worked on several projects that I will show in upcoming posts, but I did try one new background technique that I will DEFINITELY use again….

I normally take at least one walk each day, but this time I chose to be lazy and sit in a swing by the lake and watch the ducks and geese….

It was SO relaxing!!

On one of my very short strolls, I came across this boarded up window….

Don’t you just love how the boards have weathered!!

There were a bunch of finished tops before the week was over, but these two were my favorites….

Linda put her Kaffe fabrics to good use and created this gorgeous top….

…and Mary and Pat each finished their sweet nativity scenes…..

I find this quilt so appealing!!

I taught a short lesson on making half-square triangles and enjoying answering some questions about the technique.

On the way home, I stopped by a local quilt shop that is part of a feed store!! Yep, you can buy your horse feed, tomato plants or work boots up front…..

and your fabric in the back…..

Now THAT is the perfect store!!

So, everything is back in place in my studio, my travel quilting stuff is put away and I will start the process of anxiously awaiting the NEXT retreat in September!!

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