YouTube Heaven….

My husband, Michael, and I try to go to the gym 5 mornings each week and we both spend some time on various aerobic exercise machines. For me, it is an elliptical machine or the treadmill.

Although these machines are great for exercise, they are supremely BORING.

Over the years, I have read books, listened to music and watched Netflix to try to pass the time quickly. In the last few years, I have discovered the world of Youtube Channels!!!.

And, quilting ones in particular.

Here are three that you might want to check out…..

Angela Walters (Quilting is My Therapy)….. you know that I love Angela Walters and can watch her quilting videos over and over again!! She quietly encourages me that I can quilt anything that I want to!!!

Karen Brown (Just Get It Done Quilts)…..she is a Canadian quilter and has great ideas, particularly for how to conquer “Mount Scrapmore”!!!

Theresa DownUnder…. she is an Aussie quilter and does simple video tutorials of basic quilt blocks. I have been inspired by her blocks and have learned so much too!!

Now, please tell me what YouTube Channels you frequent….quilting or NOT!!!!

5 thoughts on “YouTube Heaven….

  1. I really enjoy Angela Walters and Karen Brown as well. I also watch Kimberly Jolly from The Fat quarter shop, she shows a lot of the new fabric lines and does free tutorials to raise money for Make a Wish. Missouri Star Quilt company is also one of my favorites.
    I’m looking forward to checking Theresa Down Under out.

  2. Besides Angela Walters and Natalia Bonner, I have added Quilting Nerd to my favorites. She is fast becoming a super quilter and does amazing tutorials.

  3. Our internet is so bad so when I do my fit bit steps in the house an e reader keeps me moving.

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