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How to quilt it??

Over a year ago I designed this quilt…..

It is based on a photo that I took of a woodpile!! Over the ensuing 18 months, I have shown this quilt over and over again, talking about how I was going to quilt it.

Well, I SILL don’t really know but, one way or the other, I am going to finish it in the next two weeks.


It has GOT to leave my “to-do” pile and move into the “Whew—it’s done stack”!!

I have even written the pattern for the top, but can’t feature it until I actually finish the quilt!!

So, how I am going to make a decision??

I spent a few minutes with a roll of painter’s tape and came up with these ideas…..

Using straight lines to separate the quilt into various shapes…..

I like this idea, but what am I going to fill the shapes in with??

Emphasizing one or more of the peaks….

Or maybe REALLY emphasize one of the peaks…..

Or what if I turned one or more of the peaks into diamonds……

As you can see……


If you have suggestions, PLEASE let me know!!!

6 thoughts on “How to quilt it??

  1. I like the idea of emphasizing one of the mountains, echoing it. If you can do 3 mountain quilting shapes, just might do the quilt

  2. Imho-
    It’s a striking quilt.
    I like the first long diagonal lines.
    I would be tempted to then do horizontal lines broken maybe with outlines of the yellow triangles.

  3. Personally I would use curves like a baptist fan or doodles or some such thing. There are so many straight lines the curves would balance it nicely.

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