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Yes, this week I can finally say that the Sawtooth Star Challenge is finished!!!

I am happy with the final quilt…..

Early on, I wondered if I would be able to come up with 12 different designs for this block, but at the end, I had another 10 or so left. It was truly addicting to play with the designs!!

I am also happy that each one of the blocks contains one element that is the same. Every Star point was quilted with a “dot-to-dot” design that helps to tie ALL of the blocks together…..

IF I was going to quilt the entire quilt with just one design, it would probably be this one…..

I really like how the diagonal lines in the corners frame the block!!

I would DEFINITELY use a different color thread in the center block!! I put too much work into them for it not to show!! I have made this mistake so many times before, you would think that I would think about it when I am picking thread colors!!!

I have received photos of two other challenge quilts….

This is Jodie’s finished quilt…..

I LOVE the mixture of black and white with pops of colors!! She did a great job on her quilting and said that she learned a lot from working thru it.


This quilt is from Pat…..

Isn’t that center square fabric amazing!!!

She has just started the quilting process but is off to a great start…..

I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!!!

Thanks to all who participated in the challenge, whether it was just watching the videos or physically making the quilt.

I loved presenting it because it pushed me to learn something new and to utz me out of my comfort zone, and probably most important, IT GAVE ME A DEADLINE TO WORK TO!!!

What will the next challenge be? That all depends on what I want to learn next. As Richard Feynman said “If you want to master something…..teach it!!”

If you have suggestions for future projects, please let me know!!

AND, if you are wondering exactly what this is all about, check out the Challenge page on my website…..

2 thoughts on “It’s FINISHED!!

  1. This is such a wonderful project–and you did such a great job! Thank you for making it a quilt-along, and thanks to the participants who shared their work! They are all inspiring.

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