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Thread Storage — CHECK!!

Eighteen months ago I remodeled my studio and started looking for the BEST storage ideas to suit my needs. I found solutions for most things, but not for thread!!

I previously stored my thread in these boxes…..

…and it worked fairly well.

BUT over the years, I have added lots of different types of threads, all in their own shapes and sizes, and my box system was starting to get tedious.

PLUS the fact, when I was quilting my last quilt with lots of different threads, these boxes kept getting pushed off of the machine bed and making huge messes on the floor.

So, the hunt was on for a new system….

I started at Amazon, and searched for drawer systems designed for scrapbooking paper and supplies. Before long I landed on this one…..

I spent some time measuring the sizes needed and comparing to the dimensions given and became fairly sure that it would work for me.

It arrived in a few pieces…..

….but was quick work to put together.

The only mistake that I made was that I put both of the “locking casters” on the same side instead of one on each side, but that is a mistake that I can deal with!!!

I started moving my threads into the storage drawers……

…and quickly realized that I was going to need some sort of separation in the drawers or the threads would become messy really fast.

I looked at the box that it was shipped in and found the perfect solution…..

Let’s add cardboard dividers!!

I first figured out how far apart these dividers needed to be and then drew a template to work from……

I placed the drawer on top of the template and used the lines to direct where the hot glue needed to go…..

I would lay down a bead of glue and then stick the cardboard strip on top of it…..

When I switched to different sizes of spools, I re-did the calculation and changed the orientation of the spools…..

In less than an hour, my threads were stored……

….and I am one happy camper!!!

There are even two empty drawers so I can go shopping!!!

The unit sits neatly beside the bookcase and can easily be rolled to Julio (my sit-down Juki Longarm) or rolled a bit further to Juanita (my Juki QVP2200-mini).

And now I have 2 extra shelves for future storage…..definitely a Win-Win!!

I am still debating one thing….. the drawers are open to the air so I am thinking about making a slip cover to fit over the entire unit.

Do you think that is necessary?? I would love your opinion!!

8 thoughts on “Thread Storage — CHECK!!

  1. I make small bags of whole cloves and whole all spice,from quilt scraps, and scatter thru my thread drawers and fabrics, and quilt tops, keeps all bugs and rodents, plus smells very good. There are things out there we do not see, mites, keeps them out.

  2. Love that organization with those new flat boxes. Mine are in plastic box that close tight and my threads are just thrown in there by color. I dont know about a cover for them. But being open to the air could damage the threads. I think i will do some googling because i love that idea for storage. I would probably need two sets of drawers. For all my thread. I have more than i will ever use. Jodie.

  3. How should you store your threads?
    Two questions we hear frequently are “What’s the best way to store my threads” and “How can I tell if my thread is old?”. Both questions tend to go together because properly storing threads will decrease degradation due to dust accumulation or UV exposure (or the occasional dog thinking thread is a chew toy).

    The best way to store any thread or fabric is to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from air vents. Sunlight, especially UV rays, can fade colors and cause some threads to become brittle over time. We’re not talking days or weeks, but exposure over a prolonged period of time can cause damage. Air vents can cause dust to collect on open spools and cones of thread. The dust doesn’t affect the thread as much as it can affect your machine. Imagine dust covered threads running through your tension discs and contact points on your machine. The dust will come off the thread and stay in your machine. It’s not a pretty picture. It’s a good idea to keep your threads in a drawer, closet, or in a closed plastic case/tub. I read this on superior threads. After reading this i think your threads are fine. They will not be exposed to light they are closed in enough to prevent dust accumulation. Dont put it close to an air vent. You might write Bob at superior threads., He is an expert.. i would send him a photo of your drawer.

  4. I love your idea. I was just thinking the other day that I had so many different types of thread lately that I need a different form of storage so that I don’t have to go looking every time I need a different one. I have one of these units that works for bag making hardware so I will probably get another and use your idea. I would rarely put a cover over mine so it would be a waste of time for me. Maybe a small quilt for the top of each drawer to keep out dust would work better for me. Or a cover with elastic corners like a sheet. Have to see if that would slide.

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