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FMQ with a longer ruler

I like to quilt using a smaller ruler most of the time, but I have learned that there are times that a longer ruler works better.

However, there are a few tricks to using this longer ruler!!

Let me back up……

I have finally decided how to quilt the “woodpile” quilt top that I presented last week. You guys had fantastic ideas and I decided that I would turn the three small triangles into one BIG triangle…..

I still have NO idea what I am going to do after I finish all of these triangles, but that is another story.

BUT, as I was happily quilting away, I found myself feeling hungry and wishing for a hamburger. Then I realized that I was quilting the “Whataburger” Hamburger chain logo…..

Yes, everytime we visit Texas, there is at least ONE Whataburger photo!!

Okay…back on track now.

I did a short video to give a few tips for using these longer rulers……

Do you have long rulers that you have found helpful? Please let me know which ones they were!!

2 thoughts on “FMQ with a longer ruler

  1. I have small hands and generally prefer shorter rulers and smaller templates but the long ruler that I love and use frequently is the long Line Tamer by Four Paws (equivalent with more lines on DMQuilting, Straightaway Template). It’s great for channel quilting nice straight lines (I’m more accurate at the sit-down longarm than on a domestic machine) and great for echo quilting larger blocks or aiming for points when shadow quilting like the pyramids you completed. I depend on the Line Tamer so much, I have to have a channel template to quilt straight lines.

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