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Luscious planning!!

Do you ever look at fabric colors and say that they are LUSCIOUS???

That is the word that comes to mind with these….

They are from the “Ruby & Bee” collection by Windham Fabrics and are the subject of a challenge from the Modern Quilt Guild!!

I read about the challenge, saw the fabrics, and decided I wanted to try it!!

As I posted last week, I enjoyed working with 60-degree triangles in the background for my “Vintage Lamb” baby quilt and would like to try some more of them, so why not for this challenge!!

I tried to figure out ways to play with design possibilities and finally decided that the best way was to go “old school”……cut out small diamonds and start moving them around!!

I cut strips of wonder-under and ironed them onto each piece of fabric….

I cut out the piece and fused it onto lightweight interfacing and then prepared to cut diamonds!!

The first step was to sub-cut the strip into three 1-inch strips….

I used the 60-degree mark on my ruler to get an accurate initial cut…..

Once I had that…..

It was quick work to cut at 1-inch intervals all along the strips…..

And, before I knew it, I had tons of diamonds ready to go…..

I pulled out a small, flannel-covered, design board……

…..and now it is time to let the designs emerge….

I can see this being REALLY addictive!!!

2 thoughts on “Luscious planning!!

    1. Great question…..I should have mentioned that!!! I wanted to stabilize the fabric a bit more so that it wouldn’t start shredding when I played with it. It was probably unnecessary, but I wanted to be sure!!

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