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Shower curtain for the win!!

In the continuing saga of how to quilt my “woodpile” quilt, I posted on Tuesday that I had decided to start with some large triangles that would tie the 3 smaller triangle sets together…..

Now it was time to figure out how to tie the large triangles together. In order to try out a bunch of different ideas, I pinned the quilt to my design wall and covered it with a cheap clear, plastic shower curtain, making sure that it extended well beyond the edge of the quilt….

Using a water-soluble pen, I proceeded to draw all over the quilt, trying different design ideas as I went…..

When I was finished, I misted the shower curtain with water…..

….and cleaned it off with a paper towel…..

…..leaving me with a clean surface to start on all over again!!

I had used this system on small blocks but never on a whole quilt and it proved to be an amazing tool!!

And it only cost $1!!!!

Do you have any “unusual” tools that you use in your quilting studio??

7 thoughts on “Shower curtain for the win!!

  1. I use a bamboo skewer as a stylus. That way if the needle hits the point it won’t break the needle.

  2. So clever! I have used a picture of my quilt and drew on a 3 ring binder plastic sleeve to work out the quilting but this is brilliant Francis. The tool I use from the bathroom is slivers of soap for marking.

    1. I have also drawn on a picture of my quilt or used ProCreate on my i-pad. The difference with the shower curtain is that I can do it to scale and sometimes I really need to see it in the size that it will really be!!! I like the soap sliver idea!! Thanks!!

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