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Do you “Quilt Float”?

Yesterday, was my birthday and it was the BIG……

My first reminder of my new age was getting on the Eliptical machine at the gym and having to input my age…..

The morning was spent in my studio, finishing the quilting for one project and getting started on two monthly challenge blocks (I am two months behind!!).

Then Fedex drove up……

….meaning that my birthday present had arrived!!!

My husband couldn’t believe it when I told him that I wanted a set of “dog grooming arms”….

….but he was a good sport and bought them for me anyway!!

You might ask, “how am I going to use these in my studio”?

The answer is that I am going to “float” my large quilts when I am quilting on them…. at least that is the plan.

I have read about this online and want to give it a try for myself. The two grooming bars are clamped to each side of my machine…..

……and the quilt is clipped to those bars, keeping it “afloat” and reducing drag when quilting…..

I don’t have a quilt to try it on right now, but it sure made this one easier to move around!! I can imagine that it will make a big difference when I am working on bigger quilts.

My only question is whether or not I am going to be spending an inordinate amount of time clipping and re-clipping the quilt so that I can move to the areas where I want to quilt.

Do any of you have experience with floating your quilts? Any tips will be HIGHLY valued!!!

3 thoughts on “Do you “Quilt Float”?

  1. I purchased the same dog grooming arms and have them located at the rear of the table as you have done. Additionally, I have a curtain rod in the eye bolts. I have my clamps hanging on the rod attached with rings. The rings slide on the rod. I find I don’t have to change my clamps as frequently. Often, I am able to work across the width of a lap quilt.

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