May Color Challenge

I was looking at my calendar and suddenly realized that I needed to catch up with my Color challenge blocks (from Patterns by Jen)!! It is too easy to get behind on some of these!!

The last month that I posted was for April and it was fun learning about Nigelia seeds!!!

The “spice” for May is “Blue Spice Basil”.

Contrary, to the sound of the name, it is NOT blue….the leaves nor the blooms!

So, instead of making the block with blue fabrics, I decided to use green and purple…..

Remember, that I am using the same background for all of the blocks.

The first step was to make eight flying geese blocks. These were made using the 4-at-a-time method. I know that we have talked about this method before, but in case you missed it, here are the steps again…..

Cut along the drawn line and press to make Flying Geese blocks!!

Trim them down to the proper size and they are ready to use.

I am happy with this block…..

I will say that it is one of my favorites so far!!

Now to move onto the June block!!

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