A Bear of a Challenge!!

My guild issued a challenge earlier this year that was due at our meeting this past week. I never got around to making a quilt but was so impressed with the quilts that were shown.

The challenge was to use a Bears Paw Block, a realistic image of a bear and some form of embellishment!!

The Viewer’s Choice award went to Linda for her collaged bear….

If you are looking for the bears paw block, check out the bottom, right edge of the tree!!

Best use of an embellishment went to Rosie….

For embellishments, she did a big-stitch patch and used fmq for the bear image…

Best use of the Bear’s Paw block went to Jan for this quilt made for her grandson…..

Sue used collage for her Grizzly Bear…..

Pat went with crazy patchwork “teddy” bears…..

Mai had a photo of her mother feeding a bear at Yellowstone and she made three quilts featuring the photo….

Betsy made a sweet wallhanging with not only a Bears Paw block but an actual bears paw….

Finally, Laura used MINK for her bear……

Now I know that you are asking why she used Mink….. the daughter of one of her friends accidentally ran the coat thru the washer and dryer!! Needless to say, it was ruined but Laura found a way to resurrect a small part of it!!

I loved how varied all of these quilts were and the amazing creativity that went into each one.

As I viewed these bear paws, I was reminded of a quilt that I made for my daughter Jenny…..a LONG TIME AGO!!!

Here’s to the ever versitile “Bears Paw”!!

8 thoughts on “A Bear of a Challenge!!

  1. I think Laura’s bears were actually made of mink fur. She cut up an old coat. They were all really good, very creative.

    1. Thanks Jean. My son-in-law texted and said that Jenny (my daughter) had shown him a photo of the quilt and that he really liked it!! It was fun to see that Jenny had a good feeling about it!!

  2. I am amazed at the challenges your Guild puts out there! For good reason; the results are really remarkable!

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