The RIGHT way to practice

Last Friday’s post about the Angela Walters Free-Motion-Quilting Challenge left me feeling a bit flat!!

There were TOO many instances where I said that I wasn’t happy with my results and I wanted to figure out why!!

Now, we have all made this statement at some time in our life……

But, if you don’t practice WELL, will it still bring perfection??

I think that is what I have been doing with this newest challenge. I have been in such a hurry to “get it done”, that I haven’t stopped and practiced the RIGHT way.

This is what I wrote in a post back in 2021…..

I honestly think that part of my problem is that I have in my head that “this is just practice” so I am not concentrating and being careful enough. So, maybe I have learned a small lesson…….

……. I need to be PRACTICING with the same dedication that I use when I am quilting!!! If I practice it poorly I will never get better!!

So, I learned it in 2021, but obviously, I needed a reminder!!

This quote says it well……

2 thoughts on “The RIGHT way to practice

  1. Like this. I am working on practicing until I am sure I have the pattern or movement down before doing the actual quilt. I am more satisfied, even though I am behind. You have motivated me to continue. Some designs are easier for me and some are harder, and some days my quilting looks great, and some days, maybe I need to practice more.🙂

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