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60-degree diamonds….again!!

Back in June, I posted about some fabric that I had bought and the planning that had started for a quilt featuring 60-degree diamonds.

Since then I have spent an inordinate amount of time creating designs using these fabrics……

I loved all of them but knew that it was TIME to make up my mind.

So, one evening I headed to my studio with the idea that I WAS going to decide on a design!!

To find inspiration I grabbed an older book by Katie Pasquini (her name at that time)…..

As I was glancing thru it, I found this photo…..

HMMMM….wonder if I could make “cubes” of the fabric and put them in a circle…..

I tried some other configurations, even resorting to paper…..

…but couldn’t get the dimensions to work out right.

Then I hit upon this idea…..

Now THAT has promise!!

I kept adding rounds to it…..

…and I got more and more excited about it!!

At the end of the night, it was looking something like this…..

I am excited to go forward with this project.

Stay with me to see how it goes!!!

6 thoughts on “60-degree diamonds….again!!

  1. The combination of stars and tumbling blocks is fascinating. Can’t wait to see the final product

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