FMQ Fillers….the last ones

Last week I worked thru the final installment of Angela Walters’ “Filler Free-Motion-Quilting Challenge”.

There were a couple of older designs that I had tried before and a few new ones too.

The first was the wood grain design and I have had major struggles with it!! I tried it first in one of Angela’s previous challenges and remember writing the words….”I was completely at sea!!”

I understand the basics of the design but have trouble keeping the lines parallel…..

I finally stopped, ripped, and re-sewed the wavy line…..

filling in the area that I missed…..

I was NOT happy with how this ended up…..

The next pattern was based on the woodgrain but added some other fillers. I dreaded doing it but found that it was actually a bit easier…..

Next was a squared-off woodgrain…..

Again…..not a favorite!!

In the next section, I basically made up my own design. It was a mixture of echoed lines and interwoven lines……

I started each section with a box…..

….and then filled it in with parallel-iah lines…..

….before moving on to the next box…..

I like how it turned out…..

The final design was my favorite for this week was “WAVY, WAVY!!!”…..

You quilt a wavy line until you hit a previously quilted wavy line and then head back in the other direction until you hit yet another wavy line!!! SIMPLE…..AND EFFECTIVE!!!

Now I just have to get it bound, washed, and stored!!

Next Friday I will do a re-cap of the whole project!!

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