730 days….

At first glance, the number 730 might not seem like much, but, to me, it means that I have been posting daily blogs for ….

Back in 2020, when we had lots of time on our hands, I decided that it was time to “up my game” with blogging. Basically, this meant that I couldn’t just throw a post out every so often….sometimes 6 weeks would go past without one. Now it was time to get serious!!

The first thing I did was reach out to a fellow blogger, Andrea Huelsenbeck of ARHtistic License, and ask how SHE managed to blog EVERY….SINGLE……DAY!!! As an aside, be sure to check out her blogs about all things creative!!

She gave me some wonderful tips and I decided to challenge myself to try it for 1 year.

Well, that year passed and I still had things to say so I decided to go for TWO years.

Today marks the start of year number THREE!!!!

Am I crazy? Maybe….

Am I still having fun? Definitely…..

And what makes it fun is the interaction that comes thru my readers. I have loved all of the comments….even those that didn’t agree with me…… and I am amazed at the passion and creative minds that exist in the blogosphere!!

Thank you for sticking with me!!!

4 thoughts on “730 days….

  1. Congratulations!! I don’t blog but I do send emails to my 3 daughters, every morning. I’ve been doing that since the fall of 1996. I have missed a few days….but only if there’s no internet where I happen to be! I really enjoy your posts! Keep them coming.

    1. Thank you Lynn. It always encourages me to know that someone is reading and enjoying it!! What a good idea to send emails to your daughters!! I am sure that they love hearing what you are doing each day.

  2. I think we all need a little bit of quilting encouragement and for me, seeing what others are up to… and how much time some put into sewing DAILY (GASP!) . With a schedule too, this part of the day is hand work. Then another part is for cutting/sewing. Such regimented time isn’t me. But it sure gets more done! Maybe I should follow her lead. Congrats on 2 years of daily postings.

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